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Alde & Ore Estuary Trust

The Alde & Ore Estuary Trust was formed in 2013 and was incorporated to facilitate fundraising for the flood defences which will ensure that the walls of the estuary can withstand the strong tidal surges. The trust is attempting to raise £12 million in which £5 million will be raised through a community share. This […]

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The Lighthouse is on social media

To keep up with the trend of modernising The Lighthouse’s image, we have decided to go onto social media! Following the update of the website, it was decided that we needed a platform that made it possible to contact customers in a personal way, which is when we turned to Facebook and Twitter. We value […]

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Lighthouse Restaurant – new website!

Here we are, bringing The Lighthouse Restaurant into the 21st century with a modern looking, easy to use website. Our sole purpose was to bring our customers a website that would; simplify the task of retrieving information on the restaurant, make the booking process easier and, allow them to have a manageable way of contacting […]

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